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POD is focused on helping nurses manage their relationships and interactions with patients. We present a unique PRM (Patient Relationship Management) system which actively supports nurses in their clinical role, serving direct care and administrative work. We treasure the value-added to patient care, as well as the improvements in efficiency and productivity generated by our system. Our solution allows hospital managers to easily interpret graphics and statistics in real-time to analyze workflows, and make better decisions for their health institutions.



Many of issues facing nurses daily are the same across developed countries. Staff burnout, nurse shortages and job dissatisfaction were traced directly to increasingly heavy workloads, communication issues and negative work environments. We decided to improve clinical nursing practice from the ground up and create innovative tools to actively support a nurse on shift.

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Quick and remote access to secure patient information. Navigate through your patient’s information in an anonymous environment that protects their information and send relevant updates to your colleagues.

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No more worthless forms filled to be destroyed. You decide what your peers should know while the system guides you on following the indications for ISBAR procedures.

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Need to quickly exchange information with a nurse working on the opposite side of the ward? We’ve got you covered!

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On the go! Keep your relevant appointment with patients or peers and let other people know when you would like to change shifts with someone else.

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Our platform guides you through a series of Q&A to fill nursing forms following decision trees specific for your needs.


We at POD see ourselves as serving three key stakeholders in our work. First and foremost, we are mindful of the nurses for whom we build our solutions; it is because of their selfless work that we are inspired to work so hard. Next, through the nurses we look after the patient, because every person experiences that role in their lives. Finally, we serve the hospital management. Our solutions cut waste by speeding up handover and improving nurse communications, while helping to reduce the time-burden of on-shift documentation. That’s added-value that helps you meet your institution’s KPIs and KRIs, translating directly to your bottomline.

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We look after nurses, patients and hospital managers, in that order. Not only does our PRM (Patient Relationship Management) system benefit the first two, but our solutions cut wasted time at handover, improve nurse communications and help reduce the time-burden of on-shift documentation. That’s added-value that helps your institution reduce wage bills, translating savings directly to your bottomline.
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