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    Nurses 2.0

Our Product

POD is a mobile platform for hospitals that want to improve their quality of care and ease the nurses work in their institution.
User Experience

The POD platform provides an information management system for nurses, that brings them real-time, transparent information about their patients and opens a new communication channel between nurses, in addition to instant communication with their patients.

Smart anotations

Unlike other nurse information systems used in hospitals, POD uses deep learning technology for helping nurses create, modify and share their patients’ information and annotations within an intuitive user experience, reading nurses lips in real time from the interface to make quick, silent and secure patient notes.

Some of our core features:

Aggregated patients notes to enable seamless handover of patients
Lip reading transcription of information
Real-time Nurse to Nurse Messaging
Nurse Rostering

About Us

We are a cross European team specialising in research, development and UX within the health sector. Founded in University College Cork, Ireland, as part of the European Commission’s EU-XCEL programme to promote entrepreneurship as part of the Europe 2020 initiative.

POD focuses on integrating the latest technology into healthcare in a reliable, imaginative and unique way; to produce scalable solutions to traditional medical dilemmas.

Management Team

Pablo Panero
Security expert and data mining
Daniel Flynn
Business management and Sales operations
Fernando Torales
Strategy and Deep learning expert

Advisory Board

Guillermo López
Digital Marketing Advisor

Research Partnerships

We are constructing our non-vital patient care platform around the needs of nurses in Europe with the help of various Irish universities. 

We at POD know that no one knows what nurses in hospitals need to improve patient care better than the nurses themselves. We are looking for further institutions that will aid the design of our new health platform and be directly involved in potentially helping to improve nursing workloads and patient care in Ireland and the rest of Europe.